Another cute quick little project!!

Clay fake murble.
On Skillshare.

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Free flower watercolor tutorial

From a graphic design student, how to watercolor paint flowers!
On Skillshare.

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We love free tutorials!

Skillshare is a pretty awesome source of free instructions to do many, many things. Here is one of them, seed stitch knitted scarf!

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Giveaway starts today!!!

For this month #giveaway I made 2 #necklaces, Fire and Water, the winner will be able to #choose the one they like the most!
Fire: antique brass tone wire decorated with glass beads, #handmade, all new materials.
Water: silver filled wire decorated with antique silver and glass beads, handmade, all new materials.

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Crochet patterns!

All those little yarn balls leftover from our big project, they either become a granny square or can maybe become one of those!!!

20 One Hour Crochet Projects


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March Giveaway

In March there is going to be my birthday, so I decided to give you all a chance to win a special gift! Let me give you a little teaser here…

The winner will be able to chose between the Fire or the Water version:

-4 countdown, you can find the giveaway on my faceboook page -> Giveaway Tab

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I had an idea

I want to try and make some gadgets for all those pet owners that for the most part feel left out of the market, like chameleons, chinchillas, goats, owls, sugar gliders, iguanas. Anytime you go to a store that has pet supplies… let’s call it what it is, cat and dog supplies really…

So, help me out here, what kind of sweetie is your pet?

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Pluck it, you must not!

I am helplessly addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf., and I just spoke with the… cow? Hippo? I am not sure, that “zenifies” your home with her choice of floor and walls for 3k.
She told me something I would like to quote in regard of my designs…

stray hair

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Moment of inspiration

Yesterday I had a moment of inspiration and I decided to finally purchase the domain teenytinyprettythings.com. I am just waiting for the company to set it up and give me the information required to make the upload of the files. I get the feeling that is going to require me to contact customer support seeing that is supposed to take 6 to 12 hrs and it has now been 24… I guess I could put some gears and write the usual under construction, tempted to write wrapping in process.


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It has a home page!!!

In the end I did make it to manage my first page upload, now I just have to put together the whole website and I am going to be officially online!!! Exciting!!!

Check it out! My website

P.S. They really need to come with an instruction booklet…

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